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Little Meadow Animal Rescue officially began in 2007 as ‘Wyre Forest Animal Trust’, but has been running unregistered since 1993. Before 2020 had its way with the world, we were out most weekends at shows and event to raise money for the medical help, feeding and training of the animals in our care. We operate 24/7 providing for the animals in our rescue and responding to calls on injured or abandoned animals- providing our expertise to the emergency services whenever we are needed.

We have worked with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society since 1993 and our founders have worked with the RSPCA. Unfortunately, most local councils do not have the finances to provide funding- so it falls on you and other fundraising efforts in order to continue our work.

Support is desperately needed by charities and organisations, especially after the stress and increased abandonment rates after the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s devastating that so many of animals are wildlife species are dying our and becoming extinct- often before our own children can grow up. Our monarchy and government say we need to protect these animals for our future generations and for the sake of our planets ecosystem- but it is sadly a task left for our councils and charities like ourselves.

We started our journey caring just for wildlife in 1993 whilst living in Cornwall. We moved back to our home area in 1998 but continued rescuing animals nut as the years passed we were running low on space,

then a kind lady left us a legacy that enabled us to buy the ground we are on now to create a muchlarger working area than a house that we were running from. Since then we have raised many orphans of all species also nursed, cared for and released many animals back into the wild where they belong.

Over the years we have managed to upgrade our rescue and rent pieces of land that enables us to take in more and bigger animals and wildlife.

If you find any wildlife that seems to be in need of care please dont hesitate in ringing us to take it in for attention or advice.

We are a 24 hour service for emergencies.

All animal lives matter to us.

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Little Meadow Animal Resuce believes in the survival and care of all animals no matter how big or small or loud. We strive to help as many animals as we can in whatever way they need, whether it be medical help, rehabilitation or a loving home.

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When possible and positive to do so- we love to rehabilitate and rehome animals in our care, to give them a new loving home!



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Please contact us if you find any sick, orphaned or abandoned animals. We are available 24/7 and we will help provide support or advice- we are knowledgeable and friendly and will help however possible.

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